Our Agreement

May 4, 2009

I called her. She agreed to the conditions and said, “Just don’t kill me.” I told her I wasn’t that kind of guy.

When I called her the second time she said she had to put her baby to bed. The daddy came home from work and just fell asleep, she told me on the phone. “He knew I was going out tonight,” she said. “Mother-fucker just doesn’t give a shit.”

“Why don’t you leave him?” I asked.

“I can’t. He’s my life line,” she said.

We met at a bar called Tiny Tad. It was a dive. I loved it and so did she. She was nervous and giddy. I was drinking beer and she ordered a Jameson and ginger ale. It was on me – the whole night was. It was part of our agreement.

“So, have you been here before?” I asked.

“Like three times,” she said.

I nodded and sipped beer. “Did you get ahold of your dude?” I asked.

“He’s not picking up,” she said. “I tried calling him three times before I left the house. I’m literally blowing his phone up. I’ll try calling him in fifteen minutes.” She laughed and took a drink.

She had nice eyes. She knew the right kind of make-up for them. It was a light blue with a hint of glitter. Her teeth needed work though. I could tell she was a smoker. There was a tiny bit of yellow on the right front one and her gums looked like red meat. She was only 23 and I could already tell she was heading for trouble by the looks of her mouth.

She wore jeans and a low-cut blouse, and her boobs looked good in her black bra. Further down on her was a little less likeable. Her butt was frumpy and she had a tire of fat left behind from her recent pregnancy. I suppose it wasn’t worth the effort to get rid of, I thought.

“You gonna give your guy a call again?” I asked. She looked at the clock and picked her phone up off the bar. Then she walked outside to make the call. When she returned she sat back down hard at the barstool.

“I left him a message this time,” she said. “He better fucking call me back.”

“Drink your drink,” I told her. She did. She picked up the glass and pulled hard on the two stir straws sticking out. I watched the contents disappear. I looked at Steve, the bartender, and asked him for another one for her and two Yeager Bombs.

“So you talked with this guy yesterday?” I said.

“Who? My connection?” she said.

“Yeah,” I said.

“Yes, but I think he might not be calling me back because this one bitch has been opening up her mouth about me.”

“Oh,” I said. “And what does she have to do with it?”

“Well she thinks I fucked her over with money and now she’s telling others a bunch of shit.”

I let it go.

“Is there anyone else you know who can get it for us?” I asked.

She opened her phone and scrolled. “Yeah,” she said. “But I don’t have his number with me.”

“Where’s the number?” I asked.

“On my computer.” She took another hard pull on the straws.

“Do you just need an internet connection, or is it actually on your computer.”

“If I could just get on a computer,” she said. I pulled my phone out and opened the browser.

“What’s the address?” I said. She told me. I then handed the phone to her to enter her name and password.

A little while later she said, “Cool. I got it.” She handed my phone back to me and stepped outside again to make another call.

She returned after making her call and having a cigarette. Her teeth looked no better, but she was starting to feel a bit more comfortable with me. She took another sip of her drink and asked, “Are you hungry?”

“I could eat,” I said. “What are you hungry for?”

“Hmmm,” she said. She looked up at the bar’s filthy ceiling and put a finger to her lips. “I know a really good Mexican place not far from here.”

“Okay,” I said. “Let’s finish our drinks and go.”

When I had finished mine Steve popped over and handed me another. It was not what I expected but I knew he was doing a fine job of taking care of me. “Thanks Steve,” I said. “This will be my last one.”

At the restaurant she ate like she hadn’t eaten in days. She chased each bite of her burrito with her hand so that nothing fell out. When we were done I took care of the bill. It was part of our agreement.

When we got in the car I told her to call her guy again. She did and he told her to come over, that he was sure he could get it. We went over and pulled into the parking lot of his apartment complex. They always live in apartments, I thought to myself. When we parked she called him again.

“We’re here,” she said. “Do you have it?” I watched her talk. Her eyes clicked around as she listened. “Wait – hold on,” she said. She put the phone to her shoulder. “He says he can get it, but he needs the money first and then he’ll go get it.”

I thought for a moment and then shook my head. There was 150 dollars on the line and I didn’t want to get taken. Not tonight, I thought. I looked over at her and said, “No. It doesn’t seem right. We’re going to have to go without I guess.”

She thought for a second and then put the phone back to her ear. “No I don’t think that’s going to work for us right now,” she said. I watched her eyes click again.

“I know, but it’s not my money,” she said. “Alright. Bye.” She hung up. “Damn,” she said.

We drove back to my place and I opened two bottles of white wine I had purchased that afternoon. It was part of our agreement. I poured one glass of each and asked her to try both.

“You seemed like you’d prefer white wine,” I said.

“Yeah. How did you know?” she asked.

“Just a good guess,” I said. But the truth was because I had not taken her to be too sophisticated if at all.

As we talked we drank and as we drank we talked. And after a two bottles of wine and a few beers the conversation fell into a spot in which she said, “I love watching porn but my boyfriend won’t watch it with me.”

“Really?” I said. She nodded and slurped her wine. She was on the verge of getting messy.

“He thinks it’s weird or something,” she said.

“I have some if you want to watch it,” I told her.

“Fuck yeah,” she said, tucking her legs under herself on the couch.

I turned one on and we watched it for a few minutes. “You know what this is going to make us want to do,” I said.

“Well, yeah,” she said. “That’s what usually happens when you watch porn.”

A few minutes later I found we were both right. I also found out that she was a good a kisser and that she loved giving head. She finished me off that way. It was pleasurable and I went to sleep.

The next morning I was happy to wake and find that my car had not been stolen and my neck not slit. She was merely sitting against the wall on my bed smoking a cigarette.

“I’ve been awake for like two and a half hours,” she said.

“I’m surprised you didn’t wake me,” I said.

“No. I hate it when people wake me, so…” she shrugged.

I got up and made coffee. I realized she was antsy so I told her I would take her home right after I had coffee.

“It’s okay,” she tried telling me.

I gave her a cup of coffee, black. She tilted it to her lips, burnt them and quickly pulled away. I put my cup down and opened my wallet. I handed her some money. It was part of our agreement. She took it and looked at me.

“You do not know how much I appreciate this,” she said. “I am so happy you didn’t dick me.”

“I did,” I said smiling. “That’s why I’m giving you money.” She laughed.

“I know my daughter is up now,” she said. “I just wonder if asshole is watching her.”

Before we left I said, “I feel you should have something of mine to remember our night.”

“Oh yeah?” she said.

“Yes,” I said. “Is there anything here you want? A book or something?”

“I’ll take your lighter,” she said.

“This one?” I asked, pulling it out of my pocket.

“Yeah,” she said.

“Okay,” I said. I handed it to her. It was part of our agreement.

The ride back was quiet. There was small talk about her plans for the day and mine. When I got to her street she asked me to keep going straight. She told me she wanted me to drop her off at the grocery store up the road. There were things she needed. When I stopped at the front door I told her to kiss me once more. She did and she playfully bit my lip in the process. She got out and we said goodbye and she shut the door.

Around the corner I stopped to fill the tank before heading back, and I watched her walk down the road to wherever it was she was going. She must have forgotten about what she needed at the store.


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