On a Good Day

January 16, 2009

On a good day
my thoughts are scattered
in a swirling ocean.
On a good day, I fill my lungs
and begin to swim
very deep; to find those thoughts,
those things I’ve never
once encountered.

On a good day, I push and glide
further down, and am surprised
by all my new findings. I look at
and examine them, but only briefly.
I know I must go deeper.
I must try. There are better things

Transfixed and sinking, I begin
To sense the narrowing effects
the ocean offers.
First my focus, then my range,
and soon my entire vision.
I want to remember, to record it all.
But I know that, before all goes dark,
I must surface; I’ve reached my
very bottom.

When I ascend, I ascend
quickly. Unfortunately, I must try.
I am drawn back to the surface, and
my findings are left far,
far behind. I want to remember, I want to
record it all.

At the top, where most are most
comfortable, I reflect, while this swirling
ocean, its currents and undertows,
carry me to a new place. I fill
my lungs again and begin to swim
very deep.

This time, my findings are different, new.
It’s always this way. I want
to remember and record it all,
but it is all very wet, and so am I.
On good day.


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